Friday, April 12, 2013

Not going as planned

Over the past 7 months of teaching and going through this authentication process, I've learned more than ever the importance of being flexible. Life does not always go as planned. For me, this authentication process has not gone as planned at all... but I have to keep moving forward.

This week, I got my affidavit notarized by the bank, checked by the Clerk of Court, and ready to be sent to the Secretary of State. I decided to call the Secretary of State (Authentication department) to double check where to send it and how much to write the check. Thank goodness I did because the nicest lady informed me that I hadn't done it the correct way! It is so nice to know that there are good, kind, and helpful people in the world... even to people they don't know! The woman talked me through the whole process then double checked everything with me to make sure I did it right this time!

My first mistake was that I did NOT need to write the affidavit stating that the documents were true and original. I guess the state of NC has their own "True Copy" form that I have to fill out for EACH document and get notarized. Then, I can skip the whole Clerk of Court process and send the True Copy forms and my documents straight to the Secretary of State. I'm glad I didn't go ahead and send everything and then have to find out it was wrong!

My second hold up is that I still have not received my FBI background check back and it is due on Monday! Ah! I sent it in plenty of time for their 4-6 week turnaround but unfortunately, it has not made it back to me yet. I know these things will not be the last unfortunate things to happen but that's life. Honestly, I need to work on being more flexible when things don't go exactly as planned so this is great practice for me!

Wish me luck that everything works out from here on with my documents...


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