Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Authentication Process

Well, the authentication process is underway! I received the instructions from my school and to be quite honest, the process is not as easy as I thought it would be! When I was first told I would need to get my education documents authenticated, I thought that maybe I would have to have them notarized and would be good to go. Well.. that isn't even a quarter of the process! Now that I have received my new diploma, I'm ready to get everything authenticated! Here is the list of documents needing authentication:

- College Diploma
- Official College transcripts
- Experience Letters
- Teaching License

Now, onto the authentication steps...

1. Write an affidavit swearing that all of the documents are true and original.
2. Find a local notary of the public that has been certified in my county to notarize my signature on my affidavit.
3. Take affidavit and signed materials to the county clerk to certify that the previous notary is true and legal.
4. Take affidavit to the state capital to have the secretary of state certify that the county clerk was an actual and legal county clerk.
5. Take/mail all of that (with cover letter from both the county clerk and the secretary of state) to the US Department of State where the entire process will be checked.
6. Lastly, take/mail all of the documents to the UAE Embassy in DC to be authenticated.

Seems like they really want to make sure everything is legit? Good thing I can start working on this stuff now! I'll post again soon for an update... hopefully no more documents will be lost in the process :)


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  1. Hi,
    I sent a FB message but it might be in your other box (where ever that is on FB). I think we might be teaching next year at the same school!